Daily guide price £50.00

A compact, power efficient and robust cold light source with flexible light guides for precision lighting in small spaces. A variety of accessories for the system (different arms, different colour temperature filters and lenses) can be supplied on request. Can be used in the field on a 12v supply.

RATE: £50 DAY / £200 WEEK



The F Series of light source combine the advantages of LED illumination with the flexibility of fibre-optic lightguides. The LED light sources are designed for the use with any Photonic fibre optic lightguides, offering the huge range of lighting options. The lightguides combined with the patented focusing attachments, provide a substantial increase in brightness and will give the light intensity of standard fibre-optic halogen lighting systems.

  • Can be mains powered or 12v DC powered in the field
  • Brighter than standard 150W halogen light source
  • Neutral white light with colout temperature of approx 5800K
  • Filters available to tint light or adjust colour temperature
  • Wide choice of light guides
  • Robust metal housing
  • Good stability with goose-neck light guide
  • Can be used in vertical position
  • Ultra-low noise fan
  • LCD display
  • Stable stackability
  • Control via USB (toggle standby, toggle pesets, dimming)
  • Easy configuration of all settings (brightness, shutter, strobe parameters)
  • Electronic shutter function
  • Automatic LED switch-off when removing light guide


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