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Powerful 12v infrared lights for covert nightime filming.

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Powerful infrared lights for covert nightime filming. These 12v 850nm IR lights offer a 30 degree beam angle, using only 50-90w but effectively emitting four times that amount in light power. Aegis illuminators feature Constant Light technology which automatically controls and adjusts light output to compensate for LED degradation and temperature changes. LED degradation results in poor light output, reduced image quality, and reduced illumination range. The Constant Light patent-pending technology maintains a constant level of light throughout the life of the illuminator, thus overcoming this performance-relatedissue identified by security consultants, installers, and end users alike. 3D Diffuser technology (Black Diamond) micro-refractive lens technology enables increased surveillance range, wider beam patterns, and evenly illuminated night-time surveillance images. Specifically designed for energy efficient operation, Aegis can be powered directly from any 12 to 24 VDC or 24 VAC supply for faster, flexible, cost effective installations.

Can be used with our light tree mount and also our remote IR light switcher for long distance operation.


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