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The Raytec Vario i16 is a very high powered 24v infrared light. Kit includes a 24v power supply & standard lighting spiggot. Does not include batteries.

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VARIO2 is the next generation of Infra-Red and White-Light illuminators from Raytec. Using the latest PLATINUM Elite SMT LEDs, VARIO2 allows cameras to generate longer illumination distances using less power. VARIO2 features an interchangeable lens system with Hot-spot Reduction Technology to deliver highly even illumination where it is most needed. With the optional hand-held remote control, VARIO2 also makes installation and commissioning quicker, easier and safer. The VARIO2 i16-1 Infra-Red series delivers maximum distances up to 500m (1640ft).


  • Low Voltage Infra-Red Illuminators
  • PLATINUM Elite SMT LED Technology
  • VARIO Interchangeable Lens System
  • Angles 10-120 degrees – from 1 product
  • Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
  • VARIO Remote Control (optional)



Max Distance: 500m (1640ft)
Angles and Max Distances:
10°x10° – 500m (1640ft)
35°x10° – 250m (820ft)
60°x25° – 135m (443ft)
80°x30° – 105m (344ft)
120°x50° – 65m (213ft)
Input: 24 V AC/DC
Beam Shape: Elliptical with HRT
(Hot Spot Reduction Technology)
Beam Angle System: VARIO interchangeable lens system
Consumption: 100W
LED Type: Platinum SMT LEDs
Number of LEDs: 48
Wavelength: 850nm (940nm options available)

Can be used in combination with our tree mounts. Also with our camera trap systems. The kit comes complete with a Hawkwoods 24V volt power supply which requires 2 x 99WH V-Lock batteries.


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