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A compact, lightweight cable dolly system. The worlds first, the worlds smallest, the worlds best… These titles won’t help you in the field. Hightsight have created a problem solving tool that’s reliable, easy to use and gives you outstanding results.

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It’s a Cable Cam

It’s not a drone and thats ok. With a line comes safety, repeatability, shot precision and all day “flight” duration. With the High Sight Mini you get the smallest cable cam on the market with a usability like non other. Setup is fast and simple. As soon as you send it down the line you’ll see how efficiently the Mini gathers A+ footage. The High Sight Mini features remote-free operation so that you can easily select a preset distance and speed and be shooting in seconds. Why fumble around with a remote when a smooth consistent pace is what makes the magic shot? This functionality also makes it a great companion with 360 cameras that allow for post reframing. Achieve perfect movement over varied terrain, through tight spaces, over crowds or an inch off the ground.

It’s Safe

The side mounted wheels let you quickly install or remove the Mini without any screws or tools. The spring loaded Line Lock secures the cable cam on the line to protect not only your camera but everything below it as well. The High Sight Mini is safe for live events, public places, National Parks and drone restricted areas.

It’s Reliable

This little cable cam is built to last. Its unibody frame is machined from aluminum that is then anodized and coated to provide a lifetime of protection to the encased electronics. Each aluminum wheel is precisely machined for trueness so not to introduce any vibration. The Mini won’t leave you stranded on a shoot thanks to its ruggedness and reliability. No plastic parts to break here. With an internal battery that lasts all day you won’t need to carry around extra batteries.


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DSLR Sized Cameras
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Most any payload up to 3.5 lb / 1.6kg

Mini Cable Cam Features

  • The spring loaded Line Lock ensures the Mini cable cam stays on the line no matter what.

  • Auto Feathering provides an acceleration ramp and deceleration ramp so that the cable cam movement is smooth giving you great footage all the way to the stop.

  • At only 7.6 inches long, the Mini is a great travel companion so you can always be ready to shoot long moves.

  • Durable aluminum frame to protect the electronics from weather, dust and abuse.

  • Precision machined wheels for vibration free movement.

  • Hands Free operation.

  • Ping Pong mode.

  • Custom End Point mode.

  • On board user interface.

  • Remote Control Port lets you add an RC system to the Mini for live speed/direction control.

  • Tool less Design.

  • No anchor points for the line? No problem, you and a buddy can simply hold the line.

  • Autonomous movement.

  • All day battery life.


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