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A brand new Infrared light from GJD, the “Extra Long Range”, a compact but powerful light with the additional benefit of interchangeable beam angle diffusers  – 10, 20, 30, 60, 80 & 95°, a huge leap forward in being able to control lighting more effectively.

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A brand new Infrared light from UK company GJD, the Clarius® Plus range of high performance Infra-Red LED illuminators are designed to provide class leading performance, long life and ultra low maintenance. Incorporating the latest surface mount dual core LED’s with enhanced optical output and outstanding reliability, they deliver excellent nighttime images. Each unit is fitted with integrated control circuitry to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination and projected working life in excess of 10 years.

The Clarius® Plus range of illuminators includes a new interchangeable lens diffuser system; which allows the user to quickly and easily alter the angle of illumination. Elliptical beam profiles allow more light to be delivered where it is needed, allowing both longer distances and minimising light wastage. The system also helps to prevent overexposure of foreground objects.

As standard the illuminator includes interchangeable lensing to deliver 10° circular, 20°, 30°, 60°, 80° and 95° elliptical beam profiles. Installation is quick and easy, requiring only 12-32V DC / 24V AC +/- 10%.

There are two versions of the light available – the IX8 offering 850nm IR and the IX9 offering 940nm (black IR), The longer wavelength version is for more covert use where the target species is sensitive to 850nm IR such as Wolves.

Can be used in combination with our tree mounts & IR light remote switching units. Also with our camera trap systems.


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