Launched this month on Netflix, Our Planet narrated by David Attenborough is an eight part documentary series from the team behind Blue Planet and Planet Earth. Four years in the making with a 600 strong production crew & filmed in 50 countries the series in the words of Attenborough “will take viewers on a spectacular journey of discovery showcasing the beauty and fragility of the natural world”.

The production company Silverback Films of Bristol/UK asked Tshed to develop a winterised version of our BBC NHU Dynasties trap with the ambition of filming Siberian Tigers over two winter seasons. Over the course of 6 months a new trap was developed which continues to be our standard trap to this day. In total 17 camera traps containing Panasonic GH4 cameras were deployed for 8 months in the field, 37 shots of tigers were captured with temperatures dipping as low – 30 C at times. When the traps weren’t in Siberia they were moved for the summer season over to Chernobyl in the Ukraine to capture the 2nd sequence for the Forests programme of wildlife recolonising the fallout zone. For those interested in the technical details (and difficulties) of the kit/shoot we will post a case study quite soon.