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Pulsar Accolade XQ38 Thermal Binocular kit includes 2 x rechargeable DNV10 batteries and 2 x chargers.

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The all new Accolade Series of Thermal Imaging Binoculars, includes the XQ38 model, featuring a high resolution 384×288 17µm thermal sensor and is suited to long observation with a long detection range of 1350 metres.

This device has many features, including variable-interpupillary distance, allowing for the ability to adjust the distance between eyepieces, improving viewing comfort and quality. The XQ38 also includes a stadiametric rangefinder, picture-in-picture mode, built in Wi-Fi, as well as various observation and calibration modes and much more.

Accolade XQ38

Magnification: 3.1x to 12.4x (Digital)
Horizontal and vertical Field of View (without zoom): 9.8°
Detection Range: 1350m
Thermal Sensor: 384×288 17µm

In brief the Accolade Series Features:

– User-friendly interface
– Three observation modes – City, Forest, Identification
– Three calibration modes – Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic
– Built-in Wi-Fi module
– Stream Vision Compatible
– Eight colour palettes for enhanced observation
– Variable interpupillary distance
– Smooth and incremental digital zoom
– Stadiametric Rangefinder
– Integrated laser rangefinder
– Frost resistant AMOLED display
– Functional and ergonomic design
– Wide range of operating temperatures (-25°C to +50°C)
– Built-in video recorder
– Wi-Fi video transmission
– Live internet video sharing
– Dual eyepiece configuration
– Long Detection Range
– High Resolution Sensor
– Fully Waterproof IPX7
– Quick-change long-life rechargeable battery packs


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