Daily guide price £15.00

An accurate, reliable & complete “beam break” trail monitoring solution compatible with our 4K trail camera system.

RATE: £15 DAY / £60 WEEK


The Cambush is a bespoke “beam break” trigger designed especially for use with mirrorless and DSLR camera trap systems. The advantage of using such triggers, especially for long term camera trapping is in the great reduction in “false trigger” events that would normally cause flat batteries and full memory cards. Very simple to set up, completely wireless with a trap to trigger range of 150m LOS and a simple onboard menu system for alignment, range test and sensitivity adjustment.

As the Cambush is completely wireless it can be placed strategically at a distance from the camera trap itself, and can trigger more than one camera simultaneously. It is a two part system with an IR emitter & receiver, once aligned and armed the system will last for 100+ days on a set of 8 quality AA batteries such as Energizer Ultimate Lithium or ENERLOOP rechargeable batteries. Energizer Ultimate Lithium are recommended for extreme low temperature use (-40° C)


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