Dimmable Miniature Infrared Lights 850/940nm

RATE: £50 DAY/£200 WEEK

Tshed has recently developed a miniature IR lighting system for use in confined spaces such as nests, burrows and tree holes utilising a new generation of high performance/low power IR LED's. The system comprises of a control unit that can be cabled to the individual lights over 50m away. Four small lights can be connected to the control unit and can be independently dimmed from the same unit. Lights are available in a single x LED or four x LED array at either 850 or 940nm. Each LED is mounted directly onto a compact heatsink. Each light can be dimmed from full power to zero power in pairs.

  • 850/940NM IR wavelengths
  • Each lighting head measures 5cm x 2cm
  • Dimmable over 60m
  • 12v - 18v DC battery required