Pulsar LD38 Thermal Monocular

RATE: £60 DAY/£240 WEEK

The Pulsar Quantum LD38 2.1x Day/Night thermal imaging scope is designed for detection and observation in day light and in the night time, even in when other optical devices (such as binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision devices) are inefficient (inclement weather conditions, fog, smoke, obstacles like grass or bushes). A useful tool in combination with our IR & Starlight cameras for spotting subjects at range on dark nights.Also possible to record a video output via PAL or NTSC.

  • 384 x 288 Detector
  • 2 rechargeable battery packs inc.
  • 2.1x magnification
  • Ruggedised

  • Weighs only 560g
  • 9Hrs life on one battery set
  • Weaver rail fitted for ext battery pack or recorder