Endura Battery Kit

RATE: £20 DAY/£80 WEEK

Kit includes 4 batteries and one Endura IDX-VL45 charger.88Wh Li-ion V-Mount High Load. The new ENDURA-HL9S is designed to sustain high current loads of up to 10A / 120W. With a capacity of 88Wh, the E-HL9 is built using highly durable and long lasting Li-ion cell technology to offer an exceptional lifetime performance up to 500-cycles.The E-HL9S is an excellent economical battery option, without sacrificing any aspect of build quality, safety and reliability. The E-HL9S does not feature PowerLink, Digi-View or BMS, but contains an integrated 3 LED indicator for a quick check of remaining battery capacity.With excellent discharge performance in cold temperatures, the E-HL9S is built for the most demanding HD set ups and environments.

  • 88Wh V Mount Li-ion Battery
  • Highly durable & long lasting Li-ion cells
  • Excellent discharge performance in cold temperatures (-20C)
  • Safe for air transportation carry-on

  • Compatible with all Endura chargers
  • High current draw up to 10A/120W
  • 3 LED Power indicator