Cineflex Jib - Cineflex on a Jib on a Boat (or Car)


Putting a jib on a boat might seem difficult. Putting a Cineflex camera on a jib on a boat is even harder. Well that's exactly what TShed devised and here you can see it in action on location for the BBC's "Frozen Planet" (currently in production). With the Cineflex Jib we've taken an aerial mount normally used for getting gyro-stabilised aerial images from helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and put it on a jib for achieving super stable gliding images from a boat. The set up consists of a customised ABC100 crane coupled with a unique adapter to a standard Cineflex aerial mount. In addition to the customised ABC crane we can also supply through our network the Cineflex camera system and essential power supply, as well as the skill base to set-up and operate the system

  • Variable Length
  • Vibration free shots from boats
  • Camera can hover inches above the waterline
  • Shoot at up to 400mm on the move

  • May be used in certain apps. on other vehicles