ABC 100 Crane (Square Section)

RATE: £125 DAY/£500 WEEK

A crane, lighter than the camera it lifts! With this inspired concept, ABC Products has made history. It is now possible to lift the camera into the "Third Dimension" in any place on earth. No matter whether in the Himalayas, the Sahara Desert or the North Pole - you can carry the light crane with you as hand luggage. Our ABC crane incorporates the new square section tubing offering greater strength and reliability.

TShed has further customised the Crane 100 by adding a rigid levelling system to replace the original cabled pantograph. This provides greater stability for the head over the length of the jib.


  • Fits in one case
  • Lightweight: 45kgs
  • Max Length: 8m
  • Rigid, Strong and Wobble-Free

  • Universal Euro Head Adapter
  • Alex & Glidecam Head Compatible
  • Useable at 5m,6.5m & 8m
  • Customsied for Greater Stability