TShed Cable Dolly

RATE: £240 DAY/£880 WEEK

An advanced cable dolly system that can produce stable "flying camera" images over a span of up to 100m. The innovative use of gyro-stabilising bicycle wheels might look "Heath Robinson" but produces spectacularly steady cable cam shots previously unheard of. The TShed cable dolly is able to run on any angle from horizontal to vertical. The new addition of a powerful 24v motor allows for greater creative control over your camera moves. Completely wireless the system includes all of the features you'd expect from a wireless hothead including pan & tilt control.
Examples of material broadcast using the Tshed Cable dolly can be seen on BBC Planet Earth, Life and South Pacific. Sequences include:

Giant redwoods in Seasonal Forests (Planet Earth).
Monarch Butterflies in Insects (Life).
Kauri forests in Strange Islands (South Pacific).

  • Wireless Hothead
  • 20kgs Max Payload
  • Up to 100m Cable Run
  • 100m Wireless Range

  • Powerful Cable Motor
  • Horizontal, Diagonal & Vertical Moves
  • HD, 35mm/16mm Compatible
  • RED Camera Compatible